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About us :

SAMA General Trading LLC Company, the company was established in the beginning of 2020 has earned a reputation with Customers in Abu Dhabi in particular and the UAE in general by selling high-quality products at competitive pricing, with the added benefit of Customers friendly environment.


 We strive

to provide the latest and brands at affordable prices to all our customers. our efficiency is our customers relationship. We have built a trust with our everyday consumers, which has provided us with regular business.


SAMA General Trading Company is now known as life & Health Store for all.


We are retailers for consumers, also a company that sells hospital equipment, Home Health Care Supplies, Non- medicinal pharmaceutical products, hospital equipment, Personal protection, PPE, Hand sanitizers, Disinfection Devices, the agent of the CASTLE sterilizer in the United Arab Emirates, Energy and gasoline saving products for cars and beauty products.


What distinguishes us in Sama Trading Company

Is that we strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing the high-quality products.

We have faced many difficulties, which we have overcome through our operational management. And our strength was the warm testimonies of loyal customers that took us from one step to the next.



  • Provide an available multi-merchandise marketplace for all customers and Hospitals Home health care supplies, and medical consumables.
  • To be a one-stop shop for all the Hospitals and Home health care supplies, and medical consumables.
  • To provide the best products available at the best prices and as early as possible to our customers.

SAMA LIFE SORE so proud to have big number of customers stiffing and happy.

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Curated Products
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