Chair Stretcher

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Portable stair wheelchairs or stair climbers are accessible transportation devices that let a caregiver wheel a patient up and down stairs in their wheelchair. Unlike wheelchair stair lifts, which depend on the type of stair design, manual stair wheelchairs can be used on any stair configuration, including straight, curved, and angular stairs.

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Chair Stretcher. Emergency Chair Ambulance Chair Stretcher Folding Emergency. The high-strength aluminum alloy frame is mostly used. The folding stretcher’s orange-red PVC leather surface is waterproof and easy to maintain. A patient can be moved using an emergency evacuation chair. Which has two wheels at one end and two legs at the other. If there is not enough manpower. The patient can also be raised at one end. Transporting or transferring patients in elevators or confined spaces. Is made simple by the Emergency Folding Stretcher. Which has two wheels that slide on the floor. To ensure the patient’s safety on the route to the hospital, provide the ambulance with a chair stretcher.

It is mostly utilized in emergency situations in hospitals, outpatient clinics, ambulances, and fire departments. Firefighting, the military’s ability to move the injured and ill, businesses and institutions, rural clinics, nursing homes, and tourism destinations are just a few examples.



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