Head immobilizer

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Head immobilizer. For the patient’s head to be safely immobilized on the spine board. The foam composition has a vinyl covering that makes cleaning simple and easy, and it repels dirt. Velcro fastening allows for easy handling. Base component with two lateral headrests, as well as a band to fixate the forehead and chin.

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Head immobilizer. The Head Immobilizer was created especially for life-threatening emergencies where even the slightest movement of the head or spine could be harmful and result in long-term damage. This is positioned behind the head to prevent extension and make sure the cervical spine is aligned neutrally. Large ear holes that can be cleansed or disinfected are supplied in the gadget for monitoring the patient’s ear canal. For MRI, X-ray, and CT scan situations, it is ideal.


  • Hospitals
  • emergency department
  • Ambulance


Advantages :

  • Design made of high-density plastic.
  • Massive ear holes.
  • Compatible with simultaneous use with both a scoop stretcher and a spine board.
  • X-ray, MRI, and CT quality interference is kept to a minimum.
  • Water-repellent paint.
  • Resistant to cracks.
  • Halt the development of microorganisms.
  • Simple to clean.



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